Identical twins dated same man for 5 years without him knowing

A man who simply identified himself as Ghenga has told his story about how he unknowingly dated identical twins for five years.

Gbenga said that he never knew that his girlfriend is a twin. He revealed that he met her at the university and they started their love.

He stated further that he finds it very hard to believe that he has been dating two ladies for five years without knowing. He claimed that after five years he was planning to take the relationship to the next level as he was ready to marry her. All of a sudden, Jesicca and Jane emerged.

The problem started when the two ladies said he must marry the two of them as they are not prepared to marry different husbands.

“I thought they were joking, but they insisted and that was how they ended the relationship,” Gbenga said.

Gbenga revealed further that Jesicca and Janet had lost their parents while they were at a tender age. He said supposing their parents were alive he would have taken the matter to them.

“I don’t know what to do next as I still love Jesicca but I am not prepared to mary the two of them together”.

He said he is seeking counsel and advice from any quarter.



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