If your girlfriend doesn’t take money from you, she will kill you after one month -Pastor Anaba Tells Men

Can this statement be generally true? The senior pastor of Fountain Gates Ministry in Ghana, Pastor Joseph Eastwood Anaba has again made a statement about girlfriends who will not demand money from their men.

Anaba told the worshippers in his church during his sermon, that any girlfriend who doesn’t ask for money from her man will eventually kill him after one month.

The cleric warned men who like to depend on the money of their wives and girlfriends to have a rethink before it will be too late.

According to him, there are some men who are happy when their girlfriends do not ask them for money. He warned those men to be careful as those ladies have another plan.

“A girlfriend who doesn’t take your money is a witch who is trying to kill you after one month. So, they are not looking for your money, they are looking for your life,” Rev. Eastwood Anaba is quoted as saying,” he said.

But generalizing an issue like this will lead to many more problems, instead of solving it.

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