#ImpeachBuhari : ‘Unhappy’ Nigerians protest on Twitter

Following the impeachment of US President Donald Trump, some Nigerians who are not satisfied with President Buhari’s administration are trending #ImpeachBuhari on Twitter.

The act of disobedience to court orders and undermining the constitution in which you took an oath of office with is an impeachable offence. The impeachment of @MBuhari should have commenced long ago. #ImpeachBuhari

Buhari must go. We don’t want a tyrant as our president. We can make this a reality. All we need to do is occupy the streets in hundreds of thousands all over the country. No man is greater than the country. Buhari can’t be flexing muscles like that. He’s no God.


37billion for senate renovation while our educational and health system is already in shamble….#ImpeachBuhari


I will walk naked for a month if they Impeach STAR BOY Buhari

The only person that can #ImpeachBuhari is Buhari. Period!
We need to get @MBuhari impeached for flouting 41 court orders #RevolutionNow
Can buhari be #Impeached in this jungle where @nassnigeria budgeted almost the same amount for education budget for just renovation of a complex that was built for less than a quarter of the renovation money #revolutionNow
Last week, US lawmakers offered to help Nigeria’s failing democracy. Our presidency called their bluff. Today, US lawmakers have proven actions speak louder than words. They’re defending their own democracy religiously. Nigeria needs to learn. #ImpeachBuhari
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