Just In: Biafra will be the richest Nation in Africa in 5yrs – Ngozi Iweala

Former finance minister and World bank director in Africa Dr Ngozi Iweala, “said that 80% untapped Nigeria mineral resource are located in South-East. Nigerians are poor in the mist of Abundance.

If South-East can be a Nation and trade with what they have, Biafra will be the richest nation in Africa”.

According to Catty Zanaib, a popular entrepreneur magazine publisher in Kenya, who interviewed Ngozi Iweala in Nairobi, said that, it wiil only take Iweala five years to make Biafra the richest Nation in Africa base on what she heard from her.

The support for the movement of Biafra has been on the rise lately as the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra is getting more popular by the day.

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