Lady Caught Stealing Hotel’s Plasma TV in Delta (PHOTO)

A lady has been apprehended and paraded after stealing the Plasma TV belonging

to Kevleyn Hotel in Delta State, southern part of Nigeria.

The lady identified as Laurenta, conspired with her boyfriend to commit the said act after lodging in the

hotel for one week. The receptionist’s guard was let down after the lady claimed her boyfriend was

retaining the hotel room after being spotted leaving with a “Ghana Must Go Bag” which had the

TV inside. It was also learnt that her boyfriend who stole the hotel’s towel, umbrella and key left

3 hours later with claim of buying something.

Upon being traced to her sister’s house, the hotel’s management were told that Laurenta

was subjected to mob action earlier after stealing N800k from a guy who slept with with.

The matter was taken to court and she was almost jailed with her boyfriend.

Laurenta however confessed to the crime when dragged to the hotel and she reportedly

said she used the TV to get a loan of N5k. The TV has been retrieved from the men who loaned her the money.

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