Lagos Flood: Motorists, Traders, residents lament

Motorists, traders and residents of Jakande Housing Estate, Eti-Osa, Lagos Island on Saturday lamented the flood caused by the heavy rainfall.

There was heavy downpour in parts of Lagos that lasted about seven hours, making some residents become homeless.

The entire Jakande Housing Estate was overtaken by flood, thereby preventing the Muslim residents from performing their morning rite (Salat Subhi) as the rain took over the down floor of buildings, mosques and churches. It started around 4 a.m.

The flood prevented shop owners from displaying their wares.

Our reporter who visited parts of Eti-Osa area observed that some of the residents that have cars could drive out as a result of the flood which had forced water into injectors and  brain boxes of their vehicles.

Lamenting the effects of the rainfall, a resident, Mr. Taiwo Ajadi appealed to the government to construct proper drainages in the estate in order to spare them the further agonies.

He said the flood usually affected them negatively because the water tankers’ drivers that supply the estate water will refuse to supply water or increase the price.

Another resident, Ademola Adeyemi, blamed the indiscriminate erection of shops on culverts for the floods, noting that dirt thrown were obstructing water channels and blocking the drainages.

“Although we always experience flood whenever it rains, but the flood clears off immediately the rain stops. We only need proper drainages in the estate to avoid partial flow of water. If they are unblocked drainages, there will be free flow of water and no flood,” he said.

A party stalwart of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Eti-Osa and a resident in the estate, Samuel Kadiri said the Chairman of Eti-Osa Local Government, Saheed Bankole has started the construction of drainages in all the affected  towns in Eti-Osa, the ones of Jakande Estate has been abandoned.


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