Laurreta: Boko Haram was worse in 2015, it affected Bayelsa, Southeast, Lagos, Abuja, others

Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Laurreta Onochie has declared that the insecurity in Nigeria was worse in 2015 than what it is today.

Lauretta in an interview with Vanguard News disclosed that in 2015 soldiers were sent to commit suicide because they were fighting without any weapon of war.

Read part of what she said below:

In terms of security, there is no way you can compare where we are now, security wise, to where we were in 2015.  It is not possible.  Boko Haram had already started getting into Bayelsa State.  They already bombed a bridge in that state.  They got to the South East.  They got to Lagos.  In Abuja here, people did not go to Church.  They did not go to Mosque.  People did not celebrate Christmas.

When you now moved to the interior, the North East, children did not go to school for years.  Many children did not know where their parents were and many parents did not know where their children were, because this thing would happen while children were in school and everybody would run helter skelter. Our soldiers were not equipped.

Our soldiers, who were sent to commit suicide at the hands of Boko Haram before the advent of President Muhammadu Buhari, used to buy bullets.  They used to buy guns to go to war because they were not equipped.  The morale was low.  That was where we were.  We saw (was it in Kaduna or Kano?) where a police officer used ordinary hands to detonate bomb and it blew him to pieces. I mean, today, we are miles away from where we used to be in 2015″.

read more on the interview at VANGUARD

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