Lawyers of Uzodinma and Ihedioha in heated argument today in Court

Before the adjournment of today till 3 pm, at the hearing of the application for review earlier on Tuesday, Emeka Ihedioha, through his lead counsel, Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN), said the disputed judgment of January 14, 2020, was obtained by fraud.

Ascribing to fraud to the judgment, Agabi said Hope Uzodinma only tendered results in 366 polling units yet was awarded benefits of results in 388 polling units by the apex court.

He also queried why Uzodinma, who contended that the election was invalid and sought a rerun in the affected polling units, was declared the winner of the election he had condemned.

He said, “We are not here to challenge the supremacy of this court. We acknowledge the supremacy of this court. This court is supreme and your judgments are final.

“My lords, it as we go to God to change his mind that we have come to you to change your mind.

“It is better for those aggrieved to come to your lordships grumble than to grumble at home.”

On the allegation of fraud, he said, “At least 34 times, reference was made to 388 polling units where the respondents said their results were excluded.

“But they tendered results only in respect of 366, yet your lordships gave them credit for 388. That is giving them credit 22 polling units from nowhere.

“Contrary to all the precedents, the number of votes cast by their own computation exceeded the number of accredited voters in the election by over 129,000.

“They stigmatised the election as invalid. Being invalid how could it be the grounds upon which they are elected? If an election is invalid it should result in its nullification.

“From all our pleadings and what I have submitted, fraud is evident. If it is not fraud it is a fatal error.

“How does he do it. What magic is this? That is why it came under suspicion.

“He pleaded invalidity. He said elections should be conducted in 366. He said give me elections in 366 where his results were excluded.

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