Laycon and other celebrities with sickle cell anaemia

The Big Brother Naija lockdown reality housemate, known as Laycon has revealed that he has sickle cell disease and this has been generating a lot of reactions from fans and followers of the show..

This has also led to worry for fellow housemates in the house. But the guy seems good as he is full of fun and energy throughout the show.

And currently still in the house and fighting to win the ground prize on Sunday as he is part of the five finalists.

Laycon has become popular and we can also call him a celebrity as his fans base has soared.

But the point is this, Laycon is not the only celebrity with sickle cell anaemia.

Apart from him, here are four other celebrities with the disease that you may not know:

  1. Miles Davis

He is an American and a musician by profession. He was a Jazz musician, an instrumentalist and composer.

He lived up to the age of 65 and died in 1991. According to the report, he died after suffering from stroke and related diseases.

  1. Tiki Barber

Tiki Barber, a football player and played in the NFL. He had a beautiful football career, he played for a decade with the New York Giants.

He was also involved in creating awareness for the sickle cell anaemia by his project which he called, Be Sickle cell Smart.

  1. Larennz Tate

He is an actor by profession. He was remembered with this quote: “It is really important to know if you carry the disease”

He became popular with his film, O- Dog in 1993. Some of his works include, A Man Apart, Dead Presidents and others.

  1. Tionne Tenesse Watkins (T-Boz)

She is an American celebrity that goes with the stage name called T-Boz.

She is a singer, actress,, author and dancer. She lived her life to the fullest with a beautiful career..

She gave birth to a daughter with the name, Chase.

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