Leicester Players show symptoms of Coronavirus, worries for Ndidi, Iheanacho

Leicester Manager, Brendan Rodgers have confirmed that some players in his teamhave shown symptoms of the dreaded disease known as coronavirus.

Rodgers made this revelation on Thursday afternoon at a press conference.

This has led to concern as two Nigerian senior players, Kelechi Iheanacho and Wilfred Ndidi are part of the team.

Leicester City on Thursday confirmed that a few players of the club have shown signs and symptoms of the dreaded disease.

“We’ve had a few players that have shown symptoms and signs [of coronavirus].

“We’ve followed procedures and [as a precaution] they have been kept away from the squad.”

The manager insisted the health of the public is very important.

“Of course, from a football perspective, it would be a shame, but the public’s health is the most important aspect in all of this.

“Working in football, it’s about having that agility to move with what’s happening in football. We’re guided by football and federations. We have to press on with our work and prepare as normal,” he said.

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