#Lockdownextention: Nigerians react to FG’s extension of another 14 days

Nigerians are reacting to the news on Twitter that Federal Government has extended the COVID-19 lockdown in Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and the Nation’s commercial capital, Lagos.

Nigerians took to their Twitter accounts to complain and aired their views.

The level of complaint has reduced dramatically as many people are seen on the road, while others continue their normal activities. It was reported yesterday that about 202 persons arrested in Lagos for breaking the lockdown directives.

The hashtag #Lockdownextention, many Nigerians especially the Lagosians have expressed fear about how the lock extension will affect them. Scanning through the different comments from the Hashtag,

See some reactions below:

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Giran of Lagos@AtandaLukman6

so they are still gonna extend this lockdown

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Just George@Mjojino

The irony of it all is that we will be under Lockdown on Freedom Day!

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