Marina Granovskaia reveals Kai Havertz confirms he’s Chelsea player

Kai Havertz is unofficially a Chelsea player after the lad has agreed that he is living Bayern Leverkusen for the English Premier League, specifically for the blues.

So, Chelsea are able to “take their time” over a deal for Kai Havertz, according to Matt Law.

He told the London Is Blue podcast: “I think everything is pretty much unofficially agreed for the player.

“There’s no real competition for him. There’s an acceptance from Leverkusen and Chelsea that he’s going to end up at Chelsea.

“This seems to be all heading in that direction. Then Chelsea are in a good negotiating position at that point.

“There’s no way, given her track record, that Marina is going to say ‘you can have what you want’, she will negotiate hard at this point.

“There’s nobody else who will pay all the money, he’s made clear he wants to leave, he’s made clear he wants to go to Chelsea.

“So Chelsea hold all the aces… Marina can slightly take her time.”

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