Meet first Nigerian man ever elected into US Congress

Congratulatory messages have been coming to the first Nigerian man ever elected into the United States of America Congress.

He is Oye Owolewa,  and has made history as he is close to becoming the first Nigerian man to be elected into the United States congress.

Nigerians are recognised in the world as one of the best people and this election has again demonstrated that in Nigeria can be successful if given the chance to show their talent.

Nigerian man elected into US Congress

Owolewa will be elected as a shadow United States Representative out of the District of Columbia.

Based on the results, Owolewa had 82.65% of the votes, which represents 135,234 votes against Joyce Robinson-Paul, who had 15,541 votes, and Sohaer Syed with 12,846 votes.

The victory of Owolewa was disclosed by ABC 7 News via its Twitter handle early on Wednesday morning.

It tweeted,

“Democrat Oye Owolewa will be elected as a shadow U.S. Representative out of the District of Columbia.”

APC United Kingdom also congratulated him writing;

The first ��Nigerian-American to be elected to the ��US Congress emerged early on Wednesday morning with @followKWSG State born, Mr Oye Owolewa (@AdeoyeOwolewa) being elected as a Democrat to represent Washington D.C.

� CONGRATS �����

Oye Owolewa, whose father is from Kwara State and mother is from Oyo, is aiming for a ‘shadow’ (non-voting) seat in the House of Representatives.

Owolewa, a PhD holder in Pharmacy from the Northeastern University, Boston, is seeking to represent the District of Columbia under the Democratic Party.

If elected, the 30-year-old would be the first Nigerian congressman in the country’s history

Meanwhile, Nigerian-American, Yinka Faleti has failed in his bid of becoming the Missouri Secretary of State in the 2020 US election.

According to the outcome of the election, Missouri Secretary of State, lost his bid to Jay Ashcroft of the Republican party who was re-elected.

However, Faleti said he would “continue to fight” for the development of Missouri

Nigerians are getting a lot of recognition abroad and they have been making the country as well as Africa proud.

If the environment is right, with the right atmosphere Nigerians will thrive.


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