Men should stop doing or saying these five things to the women who love them

Men should learn to understand women because they are wired differently from them. The truth of the matter is that men and women are different not just in shape but in the way they see or process things. Now, the difference I’m talking about is not in quality, not that one is lesser than the other but they are just different.

You remember the author, John Gray that says men are from Mars, while women are from Venus. That is telling us that we should know how to understand the people of the opposite sex from us.

Today, we are talking to men to know how to treat the women who love them.

That a woman loves you doesn’t mean that you should treat her anyhow, instead she should be treated as a queen.

We are going to look at five things men should stop saying or doing to their women no matter how much live exists between them.

Searching her bag: The ladies who have caught men searching their hand bags don’t find it funny at all.

Most women don’t take it lightly for their man to be searching their bag. They might be able to tell you precisely why they don’t like that, but believe me, so many things will be going through their minds when they catch their man intruding into their hand bags.

As a man such action doesn’t speak well for you and it is not a honourable thing to do.

Comparing her to other ladies: Everybody has their own unique ways if doing things. If you have chosen a lady, you can expect her to acquire all the good qualities you have seen in all the ladies you have come across.

There is nobody on earth that is perfect, and that includes you too. Comparing your woman to others us like killing her uniqueness and want her to be like someone else.

Not standing up for her: Women hate thus attitude in their men. Men who have consistently unable to defend them anytime the need arises.

Women are always proud of their men who will stand up for them in supporting and defending them against their attackers.

Don’t fall her by not standing up in her defense.

Saying that she is too fat: Men should avoid saying to the women in their lives that they are fat. They always find it as an insult for you to declare that they are too fat. That doesn’t mean, you can’t correct her in trying to help her to be in right shape. But you need to choose your words carefully.

Taking her for granted: This us a very wrong thing to do to a lady who truly loves you. Taking her or her love for granted can costs you the relationship altogether.

Men should learn to appreciate women who truly love them and should never joke with such a wonderful person.

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