More secrets as the identity of the woman in Pastor Wilson sxx viral video revealed (PHOTOS)

The identity of the woman whom the American pastor, Wilson was sucking her pus*y in the viral video has finally be revealed as more secrets are now open.

According to thegamutt, now that Pastor Wilson has become famous for ‘speaking in tongues’ all up in some woman’s ‘coochie cat’ as he called it. We are finding out more about the woman at the receiving end of all this ‘tongue lashing’! This is like some real life ‘Greenleaf’ drama here. Hold on

A Facebook user wrote;

Her name is Corinthia Edwards allegedly she leaked the sex tape because allegedly she was promised a lead roll in the choir for the church when it didn’t happen allegedly she decided to leak it pastor Wilson family is denying that its him Corinthia is saying it is.

So ALLEGEDLY the lady in question is Corinthia Edwards and she leaked the tape after not getting what she was promised from the Pastor!


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