Mum aware dad was raping me, but did Nothing

A 14-year-old girl (names) withheld on Monday narrated how her mother Mrs. Florence

Ifelaka lifted no finger after she reported the sexual abuses her father was putting her through.

The victim who was brought to the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

Lagos command headquarters in Alausa said the sexual assaults started when she was

11 and her mother knew about it.

According to her, the last of the incestuous rape occurred on August 9, at their Mapowu

Street, Ojo residence while her mother was away.

She added that she has not seen her period since August, raising suspicions she could be pregnant.

She said: “It happened twice when I was 11 years and I reported to my mother but she did

nothing about it. Then, on August 9, he woke me up around 2:25am and started touching

me inappropriately and then he raped me.

“My mother was not around. She went to my grandmother’s place. I reported it to her still

but she did not do anything,” the teenager said.

Asked why she did not take steps to protect her daughter from her husband, the woman

said she was scared, adding that he threatened to deal with them should anyone hear of it.

She further claimed she did not belief her daughter when she told her in 2016 that her

father was molesting her.

The woman said: “I was not around because I lost my child and went to my mother-in-law’s

house. It was when I came back that my daughter again said her father had slept with her.

I confided in my sister and she insisted we must report it.

“It was my sister who reported the matter at Ojo Division of NSCDC on Friday.

The suspect, Chinedu Ifeleka, 46, confessed to raping the girl once claiming he was influenced by alcohol

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