NCDC explains their side of the story on spending N1b to educate Nigerians on COVID-19

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), has debunked the rumor spreading on social media that they have spent one billion nairas to educate Nigerians on the outbreak of this pandemic and how to control it.

NCDC in a statement released said the news if false and does not have any iota of Truth in it.

In their Tweet,

“One Billion Naira has been spent so for on SMS just educate Nigeria.

“#COVID-19Nigeria, We have updated the list of State Ministry of Health emergency numbers If you require testing;

  1. Contact your STATE through these numbers.

  2. Provide relevant details.

  3. Stay Isolated and wait for further advice.



The headline claiming that NCDC has spent N1 billion on SMS to Nigerians is FALSE
While communication through SMS is a key part of our response strategy, this has been largely provided as in-kind support by @AirtelNigeria @MTNNG @GloWorld

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