Nnamdi Kanu expels 4 members who are informants to Nigeria government

Nnamdi Kanu of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has disclosed that it has expelled Four members of the group for allegedly acting as informants to the Nigeria government

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu made this known on Monday via a radio broadcast.

He added that the IPOB members were involved in fraudulent activities including armed robbery and kidnapping.

He revealed their identities as, one Onwukwe Nwanze, Chukwunye Matthew, Akuwa and Ojukwu.

“These persons have been expelled from IPOB and anybody dealing with them is doing so at his or her own risk. They are not part of this family any more,” Kanu said.

According to him, they were involved in fraudulent activities.

“Apart from that, they are informants to Nigeria government. They go about claiming that they are members of Biafra Secret Service media and innocent family members are in police custody because of them. ”

He also claimed that there is a new trend of fraud been perpetuated by some people he alleged were security agents.

“They are circulating forms online claiming that they are IPOB when they are not, telling people that they are government when we do not have any government because only the people of Biafra will elect a government.

We don’t have any government yet. This government is online and whatsapp groups and slot of people in UK are falling victims to these people. They are not IPOB, we are not online, we are not calling for members across the UK.

“If you want to join the IPOB, you are welcome to do so but we are not online. There is no form, there is no registration fee, once you fill such a form, you will be killed before you know it and the people that take your money will not be there when this would happen. ”

He added: “I got information that there are one or two persons in Germany calling people back home and telling them to join BSS. I want to warn that these people are going into armed robbery and kidnapping using the name of BSS and Biafra to set up criminal gangs in Biafra land. We will treat such people as criminals if caught.”

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