Nnamdi Kanu exposes hidden agenda of Chinese Doctors in Nigeria

The Leader of Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has exposed the hidden agenda of the Chinese Doctors against Nigerians, in their own soil.

Kanu alleged that he received an international call that the Chinese Doctors in Nigeria have a plan to test the Coronavirus Vaccine in Nigeria.

Recall that a team of 15-member Chinese Doctors arrived Nigeria to help in fighting the deadly coronavirus in the country.

Notable Nigerians and some professional bodies had cautioned the Buhari led federal government against bringing Chinese Doctors to Nigeria.


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Read the statement in full from Nnamdi Kanu


“As I came off air a short while ago, I received an intruguing call from a source I can only describe as unusual but highly credible. He said I should warn ‘Nigerians’ not to submit themselves for any vaccination by the Chinese. I politely reminded him that I am NOT a Nigerian but a Biafran. He said very well, but that he only called to warn me because once any person or group of persons are injected with whatever substance the Chinese brought with them, an entire community will become infected.

“I asked him why given its just a vaccine and humanity has been taking them for centuries. He said what the Chinese have with them are experimental drugs not even cleared for clinical trial in China, it should not be in Nigeria. Before I finished saying thank you he hung up.

“That left me wondering why a country with no leadership nor clear strategy like Nigeria, badly run, heavily in debt and without any identifiable person in charge of machinery of governance, would engage China of all countries, to run a program of vaccination with untested experimental drugs on black Africans in Africa when Chinese people who are dying from COVID-19 infections are themselves not being vaccinated.

“I recalled the intel IPOB High Command received at the start of this pandemic regarding some governments in Europe being fully aware, as far back as 2010, that mankind faced a mortal danger with the release of a weaponised virus. More crucially, a COVID-19 vaccine won’t be available until January 2021 at the latest. So what are the Chinese planning to inject into our people?

“At least French doctors were open and honest about desiring to test their vaccine on Africans but the Chinese government cunningly used a crumbling rogue regime, desperately hanging on for its dear life, to roll out a testing program for their vaccine on hapless Africans. This suicidal and frankly speaking, mad politically expedient decision by untutored Fulani minds in Aso Rock will drag millions to their early grave as unwilling lab animals. They MUST be resisted by all means and at all cost. The regime has collapsed, but it seems they are determined to take as many lives with them as possible, courtesy of Chinese scientists.

“Now I understand the meaning of “God punish you”. It doesn’t mean God will literally come down from heaven to administer any form of retributive justice, what it means is that you will remain a Nigerian which in itself is the cruelest form of punishment and curse from God.

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