Nnamdi Kanu reacts as Police, Eastern Security Network clash again

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has threatened to deal with members of the Nigeria security forces sent to search for its proscribed members. Kanu made the threat following an attack on police officers in Orlu on Friday, January 14.

It was gathered that following intel that IPOB members were having a training in the forest, a combined team of security operatives were sent to survey the area.

However, IPOB members got wind of the operation and ambushed the security team on patrol.

No life was lost in the confrontation as the security operatives were able to retreat to safety.

Kanu, who has fled the country since 2017 posted a video showing two vehicles that allegedly belongs to the police with the caption:

“When #Zoo police met #ESN in Orlu bush. #Zoo people should tell their IG of Police, Hope Uzodinma and any other foolish governor in the East daft enough to send #Zoo security forces in search of #ESN that they too will meet a similar fate or worse. Next time they should come with that

derelict attack helicopter they borrowed from Pakistan or better a fighter jet, only then shall we prove to them how prepared #ESN is. This is a mere appetizer, I am sure the main course will be served soon. Anything found in the bush is bush meat to #ESN.”

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