“Our king is back”, Tuchel told about the most improved Chelsea star ahead FA Cup final

Chelsea football club represent one of the best football clubs in England and in the world at the moment as they look to face Liverpool in a cup final.

The Blues are still the current Champions of the UEFA Champions League.

Although Chelsea have been knocked out of the champions league competition by one of the Spanish giants called the Real Madrid football club but, Chelsea are still holding the trophy until new winner emerges at the end of the competition.

Chelsea got knocked out of the champions league as a result of the injuries some of their players were having during the course of the competition. Aside the injuries that some of their players were having, some of their players’ forms dropped to an extent which also got Chelsea affected during that period.

However, at the moment some of their players are getting back their normal forms that once made Chelsea to be stronger. Among these players that were disturbed with injuries, as well as dip in form then are Romelu Lukaku, Ben Chilwell, Kovacic to mention a few of them.

At the moment, Lukaku is getting back his goal scoring form as that was discovered during their recent matches they played against Wolverhampton Wanderers where he scored a brace and against Leeds United where he scored the third goal for Chelsea.

Lukaku’s form at the moment has proven why Chelsea opted to bring him back to Stamford Bridge. But the question is can he still continue with the form regularly for Chelsea?

Liverpool game will be a massive test for the Belgian striker.

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