Panic, reactions as Trump places visa restrictions on Nigeria

Nigerians have been panicking and reacting to the news that the United States is planning to include Nigeria among other countries that visa restrictions will be affected.

United States President, Donald Trump, added Nigeria and six other countries on America’s visa restriction according to the Wall Street Journal.

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The explanation is that Nigerians would not be barred from entering the U.S but can only be issued with certain types of visas.

Here is the list of of the countries that the new restrictions will be affected:








Nigerians have been reacting as many of them blame the political atmosphere of the country as the major cause of the problem. They blame the restriction on the lack of rule of laws, the attitude of politicians and religious intolerance among many others.

Mrs. Titilayo in her reaction was practically begging Trump as she disclosed that she will be visiting the United States very soon and she doesn’t want the restriction to affect her.

Many other people are reacting and stating the reason Nigeria is among the seven new nations affected by the visa restrictions.


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