Pastor Adeboye reveals secrets of all-round success to every child of God

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has revealed the secrets of all round success for every child of God.

Pastor Adeboye was speaking on Sunday Service via Dove Media on 17th, May where he made known this secret to all members of the Church.

The respected clergy man disclosed that soul winning is the secrets of success for every child of God, taking his text from the book of Mark 16: 15-20.

He charged all Christians to preach the gospel

Preach the gospel and you will become successful.

According to him, “if you become an active soul winner, you will begin to enjoy all these benefits”:

  1. All your prayers will be answered john 15:16. Anything you asked for will be granted if you continue to be

  2. Constant divine touch john 15:1-2, Mark He cures the incurable, heals you miraculously, supernatural strength, you begin to hear from God. He said you don’t need to be a prophet to hear from God, only be a soul winner.

  3. Miraculous supply. God will begin to supply all your needs as you become committed soul winner.

  4. You will begin to enjoy divine immunity. You don’t have to worry yourself about demonic attacks, evil arrow, poisonous foods, they will not be able to harm you.

  5. You will begin to enjoy divine partnership. God cannot become your partner and you will not be successful. God will always back you up, if you are an active soul winner.

  6. You will begin to enjoy divine excellence. You will become better than your colleagues. Peter’s shadow was healing the sick because he was an active soul winner.

  7. You will live long if you are winning soul. Luke 13:6-9. A Christian that is not winning soul risks not living a long life.

Pastor Adeboye said that if you don’t preach the gospel, you are in danger as a Christian. He encouraged Christians to be wise by doing what the word of God says about winning soul.

May all these benefits be yours in Jesus mighty name.

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