Pastor Chris in trouble, as UK sanctions him for spreading fear with pandemic and 5G

The founder and president of Loveworld Incorporated, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has landed into more trouble as he has been sanctioned in the United Kingdom over his recent teachings on COVID-19 pandemic.

Pastor Chris in his recent teachings had claimed that there is a link between 5G technology and Coronavirus. Apart from the linking he also reportedly claimed that the proposed vaccine for the coronavirus has something to do with the anti-Christ.

Recall that some pastors in the country have expressed their disappointments over such teachings. Some pastors have even came out with teachings to counter his position on the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom broadcasting authority, Ofcom, has released sanction on pastor Oyakhilome and his Loveworld Television Network over his teachings on COVID-19.

IOfcom on Monday, released a statement that Pastor Chris Love-world Television Aired potentially harmful statements about the Coronavirus pandemic and 5G Network and is therefore sanctioned.

“Loveworld News featured potentially harmful statements about the Coronavirus pandemic and adequate protection was not provided to viewers. Additionally, statements were not presented with due accuracy,” it said.

“In breach of Rules 2.1 and 5.1 of the Broadcasting Code. We have imposed a sanction on the broadcaster, requiring it to broadcast a statement of our findings. We are considering whether to impose any further sanction.

The UK regulatory commission, apart from accusing Pastor Oyakhilome of linking 5G to coronavirus, it also said that he was prescribing drug for the treatment of the virus.

“Ofcom received a complaint that a news report from South Africa included inaccurate and unchallenged statements about the Coronavirus pandemic, alleging links to 5G technology. When assessing the programme, Ofcom identified an additional news item that included claims about the drug hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for COVID-19 (the disease caused by the Coronavirus)” it stated further.

Pastor Oyakhilome was accused of spreading fears among members of the public with his teachings. He was linking 5G, Vaccine and anti-Christ in his teaching and has refused to give adequate information to viewers.

“The report showed footage of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (“Pastor Chris”), founder and president of Loveworld Incorporated,1 speaking on a stage with a diagram behind him. The diagram was of a flowchart linking ‘fear’ (caused by the pandemic) and ‘embrace’ (5G) to a vaccine. The vaccine was in turn linked in the flowchart to ‘ID2020’ and ‘NWO’.2.” they added.

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