Pep Guardiola tips Thomas Tuchel to win Champions League with Chelsea

Chelsea new manager, Thomas Tuchel has been described as a very dangerous coach and has all it takes to beat any team and win the Champions League.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has today admitted that Chelsea will reach final in UEFA Champions League competition. Speaking with one of the FIFA football analyses committee, Guardiola says that the current squard that Tuchel has identified is very tricky and dangerous if not tackled with keenness,

” If you see their style of play currently, truly I tell you they can beat both Bayern Munich and PSG squard combined, i recently told you that Tuchel is dangerous coach with tactical coaching styles” says Guardiola.

He further stated that Chelsea will definitely beat Real Madrid in semi final if they maintain their current commitment to win every match as a team. He further explained that Chelsea currently have the strongest defenders ever with exceptional skills and experience,

“If you look at Zouma, Rudiger and James, actually they are very competent and they have a good knowledge on how to tackle the strikers” he added.

Chelsea are currently fifth in Premier League table with one point behind the top four spot. Tuchel has only lost one game against Westbrom since his appointment as a coach at stamford bridge. He has steeward seventeen games and he has won sixteen out of them.

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