Police Arrest Yellow Vest Protesters In Paris

Yellow Vest protesters were in the streets of the French capital around 11am (0900 GMT) on Saturday, as police arrest at least 90 people out of them for various reasons.

Security forces used tear gas to disperse protesters near the Champs-Elysees, according to the television station BFMTV. Demostrations are not allowed on the famous Parisian boulevard.

Police in the French capital remained on alert Saturday as demonstrations were also planned over climate change and government pension reforms.

According to the report more than 7,000 police officers were deployed to quell any violence by the movement and its radical, anarchist “black blocs.”

Members of the Yellow Vest movement have been protesting against social inequality and centrist President Emmanuel Macron’s economic reform policies since last November.

But the decentralised movement has spiraled into a myriad of other issues, with some demonstrators no longer wearing the yellow vests that gave the movement its name, dpa reported.

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