Popular pastor says, coronavirus cannot survive in Nigeria, because of anointing

The General overseer of Bible Believing Mission Inc. Aba, Abia state, Pastor Innocent Kingsley has declared to all Nigerians that coronavirus cannot survive in the country because of what he called ‘corrosive anointing’.

Pastor kingsley, while addressing worshippers in his church said that coronavirus is not in Nigeria.

He berated the Nigerian Government that they should stop joking with the citizens of the country. He stated further that the Italian man who is is the index case in Nigeria, is unknown and that his identity is not made public.

The Abia pastor said, “Many people are afraid of coronavirus, Many pastors and Bishops are changing their prayer points, special prayer sections are been held these days for coronavirus. I want to tell you that coronavirus is not in Nigeria, it cannot survive in Nigeria.

“What do you mean by Coronavirus when there are Corrosive anointing?, It can’t survive here, that is fallacy. Let the whole whole hear me, i said it, Coronavirus has not entered Nigeria, any day it will enter, it will stop all over the world.

“They told us that Italian man brought it, the Italian man we didn’t see. they told us that N620 Million is needed to fight coronavirus; that means somebody held a meeting with Coronavirus and coronavirus gave us a bill of N620 Million.

“You people should take your time, stop joking with us!”

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