Pregnant woman dies after snake bites her inside toilet (Photos)

A pregnant woman in her third trimester has been reportedly killed due to snakebite in Kaduna state.

According to the report, she was bitten by a snake inside her toilet as shared by her brother-in-law, @Zun_Noorayne, on Twitter.

He narrated that the deceased had gone to the toilet in the early hours of today to urinate but unknown to her, the snake was inside the WC.

The snake attacked her immediately she sat down to ease herself.

All efforts to save her proved abortive as her brother-in-law claimed no hospital could help save her life.

“Today we lost my brother’s wife who was 8 months pregnant due to a snake bite as she went to ease herself in the early morning hours

Please be careful even making use of your toilets

Sadly our hospitals couldn’t be of help

As some of the hospitals claim that they don’t keep antivenum cuz they hardly use it and it expires, can you imagine the stupidity?

As big as 44 hospitals in Kaduna, they said, they had nothing to give her when she was rushed there…” he twitted

There has been stories of snakes inside the toilet seat as well as hiding under the beds in many houses. We need to be very careful when using the toilet especially at night.

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