Revealed what Mount told Timo Werner after a terrible miss against Newcastle

Mason Mount has revealed what he told his teammate, Timo Werner after he missed a scoring opportunity in the first half during the Premier League game on Saturday.

Chelsea travelled to St. Janes’ Park to face Newcastle United and the game ended in favour of the visitors.

The Blues won the match by two goals to nothing.

Tammy Abraham was on the score sheet, thanks to Werner assist that made the goal possible.

Mount has opened up on what he said to the German striker who missed a good scoring chance and was unable to get a goal during the match

He believed that if the club will win trophies, there should be an opportunity for the players to be able to talk to one another by pointing out the mistakes they have made during the pitch. He claimed that Chelsea had that in the past and that they should bring that back to the team.

Apart from talking to Werner, he also talked about his own chance that he missed and he disclosed that he was disappointed with himself.

Chelsea moved straight to the top of the League table after they beat Newcastle but were later dropped to third behind Tottenham and Liverpool who had 20 points each.

Check what he said below:

“I said to Timo in the first half, ‘that’s a goal for you, you need to score them’ because I’ve seen them go in day-in and day-out in training.

“He’s a top player and he needs to be harsh on himself to score those. He knows that and, if it comes next week, he’ll put it away.

“I was disappointed with my one as well because I feel I should be scoring those. We’re all tough on each other and tough on ourselves because we want to be pushing to get number one.

“We need to have that in the group where if someone doesn’t score or makes a mistake, we can tell them. Chelsea teams in the past had that in their group and we need the same in our group. If we do, we’ll have a top chance of winning trophies,” Mount told the club website.

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