Schools Reopen: Update To All University, Polytechnic And WAEC Students

It become the brainchild of the government to lockdown colleges and churches ever for the reason that surprised of Covid-19 for you to make certain the safety of college kids. It’s miles displeasing that students were at home for some months now.

It is despairing that on every day foundation, there are nevertheless data of Covid-19 instances. Currently, a total of over 9 thousand cases had been recorded. It’s miles noteworthy that the government is clearly running difficult to incorporate the virus and that is why faculties have remained locked.

Certainly, 2020 SSCE and very last year college students had been extra affected than different college students. This is because these training are nearly at the point of commencement earlier than faculties were all closed.

SSCE students, who need to had been carried out with WAEC and by means of now, started out admission processing, have been not on time. This indicates that if Covid-19 persists, they’ll not write their tests this year.

Final year college students, who are almost in the beginning semester examination have additionally been not on time. If Covid-19 continues, no graduation for them and no service as well.

However, SSCE and very last 12 months students need to remember that the government aren’t oblivious of these delays. The government is surely running tough to recognize how to help.

SSCE and very last year college students must pay attention to the following:

  1. No date has been fixed for resumption.

  2. Keep reading tough due to the fact tests can kick off at any time.

  3. Pray that God will intervene on this dilemma.

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