See what Donald Trump posted about Joe Biden that sparks reactions on Twitter

The president of America, Donald Trump has again sparked reactions on the micro- blogging site, Twitter over what he said about the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden.

Trump was explaining what will happen if Biden should emerge as winner of the forth coming presidential election in the country.

The American president in his Tweet referred to Biden as ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden.

“If Sleepy Joe Biden is actually elected President, the 4 Justices (plus1) that helped make such a ridiculous win possible would be relegated to sitting on not only a heavily PACKED COURT, but probably a REVOLVING COURT as well. At least the many new Justices will be Radical Left!”, Trump said.

He had earlier Tweeted that Biden will destroy the United States Supreme Court and that people should not let it happen.

Check the Tweet below:

Meanwhile, his Tweet has been generating a lot of reactions as people came out to say their minds on the matter.

Check some reactions below:

Someone wrote: I bet sleepy Joe actually sleeps and will let us sleep, not constantly blow up our phones at 3 am with his panic attacks

Someone wrote: I prefer A President who DOESN’T TRY to SUPPRESS the VOTES of the American People. NEVER has a President TRIED SO HARD & in SO MANY WAYS to PREVENT Americans from VOTING ONLY A “LOSER” would use such DESPERATE Tactics

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