See what Donald Trump said about US Election and media that got over 480k likes on Twitter

The President of the United States of America has sparked another debate on the Media and it has continued to generate reactions.

Trump who is very close to the micro-blogging site, Twitter made another comment about the media and the US presidential election.

Recall that the American president has refused to admit that he lost the election and some leaders of countries have also suspended their congratulations to his opponent, Joe Biden.

According to Trump, he said that the media in the United States is corrupt just like the election itself.

“The Media is just as corrupt as the Election itself!,” he said.

It was so strong that it has generated over 480,000 likes.

In a related Tweet, Trump said some media outlets refused to report how he arrived early at a meeting. He also claimed that some of them said that he did not make a speech.

“Just arrived at Virtual G20. Was here yesterday also (early), but some of the Fake News Media failed to report it accurately – as usual. My speech is available (they said I didn’t make a speech),” Trump said.

Donald Trump has been having a running battle with the media ever since he became the president of the United States of America.

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