Should I tell my husband, he is not the father of our first child? – Woman

A Nigerian woman (Name withheld) has revealed that her husband is not the biological father of her first child and that she loves her husband very much.

She revealed that she cheated on her husband when they newly married and resulted into pregnancy and wants Nigerians to help her to decide what to do.

“I am not here to be judged. i need a help please. I am uneasy. my first child is not for my husband. I had an affair early stages of my marriage. I regret it so much. I did the test some years ago and reports shown this child is not for my husband.

She disclosed further that the father of the child wants the child to be part of his life and that she is still very close to him.

“I love this child  with all my heart non the less. I and the father of my first child are still close, we don’t have sex or anything. He is married. I take this my child to see his/her biological father often. My child knows him for now as uncle.

This woman noted that the husband may find out one way or the other. But she is afraid to tell him directly and desperately needs an answer to solve the riddle.

“My issue is this. I love my husband and he has been the best man to me. I get scared my husband may find out if our child falls very sick one day. I hate my husband taking this my child to the hospital for any reason. i get scared. even if it’s for cough.

Since the real father of the child is aware and that he wants to claim his baby one day, there is no way the secret will remain secret for ever.

“Should i tell him directly? will he forgive? Because the biological father of the child wants to be a part of the child life at some point.

“I want to keep my marriage and i love my children to grow up under on roof.

This is a big story that needs urgent answers.

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