Simple businesses that will earn you American Dollars in Nigeria

Some Nigerians believe that you can only earn American Dollars when you travelled abroad, not knowing that here in Nigeria you can do businesses that will earn you Dollars.

Sunrisenewsnigeria take a look at some simple ventures that will earn you Dollars in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact it more blessed for you to earn dollars here in Nigeria than for you to relocate away from the country. This is because if you earn Dollars in Nigeria with the exchange rate and less tax to pay is far better than earning same among when you are living in USA or Canada. For example if you have 1,000 Dollars in Nigeria is still a lot of money but a token in USA.

In this article, we will share just a few businesses that will earn you Dollars in Nigeria without traveling or relocating abroad.


If you are a YouTuber, uploading your videos in the platform will earn you Dollars even if you are living in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians are smiling to banks every month as they earn in Dollars. If you want to join this business, with some training you can join. It is quite easy only you need a gadgets and some access to internet facilities.


Just like YouTube, a lot of Nigerians have found TikTok to be a lucrative business by posting their videos on their platform and they get paid on a monthly basis. And don’t forget that you also earn in Dollars. Just look at what you are good at in which others can learn or benefit from and post it on your account before you know it, you are already doing well. Some Nigerians have shared their experiences on how they quit their jobs and focused on TikTok.


Google will pay Nigerians every month in Dollars for content writing. So you can earn in Dollars in Nigeria if you are a good content writer and you partner with Google. You can be giving information to people in Nigeria and across the globe, with your originality you will get paid in Dollars even as you are living in Nigeria.

Apart from the ones mentioned here, there are others that you can do that will equally make you to earn in American Dollars in Nigeria.

In the history of Nigeria, the exchange rate of Dollars to Naira has risen to an alarming rate as the black market rate is now above N700 to a Dollar. This is not the time to complain but time to look for ways to earn Dollars while living in Nigeria.

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