Some people are getting rich with COVID-19 – Ayade insists no case in Cross River

The Governor of Cross River State, Prof. Ben Ayayde has revealed what he has been doing to make sure that the State does not record any case of coronavirus disease.

Recall that both Kogi and Cross River States have no confirmed cases of coronavirus disease.

Ayade was speaking on Thursday at Channels Television in their breakfast show, Sunrise Daily where he said he keeps vigils to make sure that there is no case of the virus in the State.

He said that he is personally involved in border surveillance and policing as he will be going with the security agents even at night to make sure nobody is coming to the State.

Recall also that there has been inter-state lockdown in Nigeria. So, he is personally in forefront of the enforcement of the order.

The governor disclosed that all the tests done in the State have returned negative.

When he was asked that he was not testing enough people, he said that he is a professor of science that he cannot go into the streets and begin to test everybody. He insisted that the test regime in the country is making producers of test kits to be richer.

He insisted that Nigeria is spending too much money to test people and thereby making people who produce this testing kits to become richer.

According to him, “What stops Nigeria from producing its own test kits?”

He said further that “Africans are being exploited with the coronavirus pandemic”

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