UCL QUARTER FINAL: Chelsea and Liverpool get fair opponents

The Round 16 of the UEFA Champions League saw clubs travelling across Europe to take on their opponents. There were various other outcomes in the first and second leg, however, the teams that made it to the UCL quarter final were those with the highest goal aggregate.

Hence, Manchester City eliminated Sporting CP and Real Madrid eliminated PSG. Chelsea knocked out Lille while Bayern Munich were ruthless with FC Salzburg in the second leg. Benfica shocked Ajax with a second leg win to end their UCL journey this season and Atletico Madrid achieved their quarter final spot at Old Trafford. Villarreal subdued Juventus in the second leg to qualify and Liverpool held on to their first leg win to ensure Inter Milan never made it to the quarter final.

With that explained, below is theĀ full UCL Quarter Final fixtures for 2021/2022 season

Chelsea vs Real Madrid

Manchester City vs Atletico Madrid

Villarreal vs Bayern Munich

Benfica vs Liverpool

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