UEFA sets for Champions League rules change that will affect Chelsea, Man City, and others

The UEFA clubs competitions committee has voted to scrap the away goals rule that has been a staple of European competition for decades.

First introduced to the Cup Winners Cup in 1965, the rule is used when an aggregate score is level after 180 minutes of football in a European tie.

Now, it looks set to be abolished, as reported by Chief Sports Reporter for The Times Martyn Ziegler.

The committee’s decision tonight paves the way for it to be ratified by the organisation’s Executive Committee.

The Times had previously reported that the governing body had considered introducing a hybrid version where the rule would not apply in extra time but that has been ditched.

If it goes through the rule change could mean far more knockout ties go the distance to extra time and penalties.

Though, when the rule was devised it’s fair to say away grounds were more hostile arenas for visiting teams.

When UEFA last proposed changing the system back in 2018, it won support from big-name managers such as Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Thomas Tuchel, Diego Simeone and Carlo Ancelotti.

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