Uma Ukpai’s message about Biafra flag and Independence

A well known man of God in Nigeria has sent a strong message to all indeginous people of Biafra who are agitating, asking Nigerian government for referendum.

The president of the Evangelistic Association Rev. Dr Uma Ukpai, has said that no agitations either from the indigenous people of Biafra or from any other bloc in Nigeria is worth the life of any person.

He urged all agitators to go about their way responsibly so that no life would be lost in the process of agitating.

Uma Ukpai disclosed his on Thursday, 8th of October, 2020 in Uyo when newsmen asked his opinion on Biafra agitation and other bloc in Nigeria.

He futhered that so many live has been lost already that no more lives should again be lost in going about it, he added that it would be ‘madness’ for people to kill and be killed while agitating.

Ukpai also said that the approach from the emergence of Biafra and the Federal government to go against the agitation were both wrong since each side were claiming right.

Ukpai on Biafra Agitators;

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