US Election 2020 Live: President Donald Trump ahead Joe Biden as results are coming in

There is palpable apprehension and tension as results of the presidential election in the United States of America have started to arrive.

Results have started coming in from the United States presidential election held on the 2nd of November 2020.

The election results are coming in from state by state stating the scores of each presidential candidate remember that the election is untested between Donald Trump of Republicans and Joe Biden of the Democrats. We also state the electoral map for each candidate.

Below is a state by state result coming in so far.

For the electoral College coming in so far, Joe Biden has scored at 138 electoral votes and Donald Trump scored 213 electoral votes so let us now look at the state-by-state results coming in so far.


 Joe Biden – 5,202,804.    47.9%
Donald Trump – 5,564,173 52.2%
29 electoral votes 91%
US 2020 election resultsUS 2020 election resultsUS 2020 election results
These are the results coming in so far and we keep updating the page as soon as result from other States come in. Stay tuned
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