Uwazuruike has taken Biafra actualisation backwards with UNPO admission

Pro-biafra group, BIM-MASSOB, has been admitted as the 46th member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO), an international body attached to the United Nations, European Union and United States of America.

But many people believed that Biafra has moved pass UNPO as Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the indigenous people of Biafra has taken it across the world.

Followers of Biafra struggle are waiting to see how this will help the actualisation of Biafra Nation.

Check below the welcome message of UNPO:

In a letter by the UNPO General Secretary, Ralph Bunche, addressed to BIM-MASSOB leader, Ralph Uwazurike, dated April 22, the organisation expressed its “gladness to welcome BIM-MASSOB as new member of the UNPO.

“I am writing to you with reference to the application for membership submitted by BIM-MASSOB to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation. I am happy to inform you that following careful consideration, the UNPO Presidency members have made the decision to accept BIM-MASSOB as a new member of UNPO. According to our covenant, new organisations are voted in as full members at the UNPO General  Assembly. The next GA will take place in Washington D.C from  July 31 – August 2, so please make sure to be represented at the event. You are allowed to bring up to four members in your delegation.

“Although the formal swearing will take place only in three months from now, the Presidency’s decision allows the Secretariat to work with you in the meantime. However, the Presidency would like to learn  more about the democratic character of your organisation. For instance, we would like you to clarify when the next leadership elections will take place and to share the statutes of the organisation.

“We would also like to schedule a call sometime in May to discuss your expectations for the coming years and set up working priorities in line with the mandate of the UNPO Secretariat. I take the opportunity to inform that the annual membership fee (3000 Euros) should be transferred to UNPO in advance of the next General Assembly. We are glad to welcome the people of Biafra as new members of UNPO and we are looking forward to working closely with you,” Bunche said. UNPO is an International organisation for member-nations united in a shared philosophy of non-violence and who suffer dehumanisation, deprivation and violent repression within their mother-country and are in search of independence.

Organisations that spearheaded countries like Armenia,  Latvia, South Sudan, East Timor, Estonia, Georgia, Slovakia and others who are now independent nation-members of the United Nations (UN) were once members and now all beneficiaries of the UNPO.

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