VIDEO: Watch Aston Villa vs Chelsea full highlights Match (1-2)

GOAL! Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 1 (Pulisic 60)

A justified equaliser for Chelsea. Azpilicueta gets down the right and delivers a fantastic ball in, it takes the whole Villa defence out of the game and here is Christian Pulisic to slot it home on the half volley at the back post.

54 mins: Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 0

Barkley replaces Kovacic. Glorious factoid from Hawthorne: those two played against each other for England and Croatia behind closed doors once.

50 mins: Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 0

Rudiger looking more rusty than most: he has swung and missed at thin air!

Willian with a nice cross, Azpilicueta with the header at the near post but it never looks likely and it is wide.

All Chelsea.

46 mins: Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 0

Chelsea have won five in a row against Villa. Kante has the ball for them, Azpilicueta down the right, fires in a cross that hits Matt Targett.



That drinks break

seemed to work well for Villa, Dean Smith appeared to give them a bit of a rocket. Anyway, no changes at the half.

Half time: Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 0

Very much against the run of play, but Kortney Hause popped up with his first ever PL goal and that is the difference between the sides at the interval.

The other curio: the sprinklers magically turned on for no reason and then a glorious sunny day was interrupted by a freak shower on about 40 minutes.

Do stick around for more premium weather content.

45+ mins: Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 0

Alonso with a firm drive that Ings, I think, heads clear. And now Kovacic with a rasping effort, it flies just wide with the keeper beaten for all money.

GOAL! Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 0 (Hause 43)

Ha ha ha. Well in the Villa. “Talk about smash and grab,” says Alan Smith.

Grealish has it out on the right flank, he plays it inside to Douglas Luiz. Lovely little chipped ball in, Villa chance at the back post for Anwar el Ghaz, blocked by the keeper and there are two Villa players jonny on the spot. It’s thumped home by Hause, who can scarcely believe his luck! Not sure anyone of a Villa persuasion can to be honest.

Tremendous knowledge from commentator Rob Hawthorne who says that Kortney Hause released a charity r and b single during lockdown and that is called ‘Worth It’. The lad goes to celebrate over by the corner flag – Hause I mean, not Hawthorne – and mimes singing into a mike.

41 mins: Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 0

Even Frank looks like it’s not entirely holding his attention here. Kovacic has fouled Grealish. They said earlier on the TV that Grealish has now been fouled more than any other player in a season.

39 mins: Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 0

Willian has been quiet but he’s a superb player IMHO who only needs half a sniff. He frees Mount, who gets to the byline and crosses DANGER HERE for Mount… oh. Ref has blown for something, not sure what.

37 mins: Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 0

Chelsea have got the ball back, that little spell from Villa was encouraging though. 

33 mins: Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 0

Villa have come alive! Nice cross from the left by El Ghazi, McGinn gets ahead of Rudiger and glances a header… wide.

32 mins: Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 0

Chance for the Villa! Long ball, Davis heads it down well, and El Ghazi has a crack.

31 mins: Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 0

Good grief, the lad in the Villa goal really is an accident waiting to happen. Kovacic hits a harmless shot but Nyland has spilled it. It was only a bobbling daisy cutter but it nearly wobbled through him.

28 mins: Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 0

We are back underway. Alan Smith: “shame the Villa fans are not here because a bit of stick might liven the players up!

Watch the highlights here

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