Ways Robbers Rob Motorists In Lagos Traffic

Please beware of Robbers while driving on Lagos roads especially when there is traffic gridlock.

These agents of darkness lay siege on unsuspected drivers. This is not a fabricated story at all, it happened to me.

So i’m sharing with my readers and viewers so that they will not be their next victims.

This is how they go about it. Life Builders Nigeria is out to expose this evil happening on our roads.

Distracting the driver

They look out for drivers who didn’t rolled up the door-glass of the passenger side. Someone will come to the driver’s side to divert the driver’s attention, he will claim that the car climbed his leg. By so doing the other person at the passenger’s side will use the opportunity to rob the Driver of his or her belongings.

This is a new way robbers rob motorists in traffic.

Safety First

Safety Measures:

  • Don’t wind down the glass of the passenger’s side
  • If anyone claims your tyre climbed their leg, it’s better you don’t come down.
  • If you must come down, don’t leave your valuables unsafe.
  • Don’t leave your phones, laptop, pad or Tablet on the passenger’s seat.
  • And please careful and security conscious especially in traffic.
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