We will not abandon Biafra for 2023 Igbo presidency, Nnamdi Kanu replies Igbo politicians

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi kanu has made it clear to all that the agitation for the BIAFRA declaration will not stop.

Kanu was replying to the plea by some prominent Igbo politicians for him to stop agitation and embrace Igbo presidency for 2023.

The IPOB leader also declared to the world that “come rain come sun Biafrans are going this year.

Killings will not stop Biafra agitation, I have vowed not to give up on Biafra agitation even though it cost my life, I am ready to die for Biafra restoration”

Please if you believe in Biafra restoration let’s keep on praying for Nnamdi kanu, he is doing a great job. He lost his parents on Biafra struggle and still keep on going, Where can we see such a leader in the world today?

There have been some moves by some southeast leaders to convince Kanu to support the region in becoming the next president of the country instead of fighting for Biafra which isn’t sure.

The pressure is on as the 2023 presidential election draws near.

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