What Frank Lampard said during FA Cup final conference

Chelsea manager, Frank Lampard during the press conference ahead of the Chelsea’s FA Cup final against Arsenal revealed a lot of revelations

Get all the gist here below:

Luiz, a weak link?
No, absolutely not. I have huge respect for David, he was a top player in our 2012 campaign and I know what a big player he can be for Arsenal.

Arteta and Arsenal needing to qualify for EL
I am not sure what pressure it adds, that is there problem really. We have to make sure we are not negatively affected by having qualified for the CL.

Arteta has done a really, really good job from the outside. I have got big respect for what he is doing.

Is the FA Cup a stepping stone for bigger prizes?
I don’t see it as a matter of fact. It will be a nice boost, but only if you win and put it in your pocket to move forwards. It can be a nice, small small step on where you want to be

Willian, give everything despite contract worries
Yeah, because I have known him for many years and his mentality has shown since the restart. He has given everything.

No fans, how weird?
It will be strange to have no fans. We are getting used to it. We want fans back, but we have to respect current circumstances. The fact we are used to it means you can focus on what’s in front. If you do win then the FA Cup title stays with you forever.

A special message for the players?
I probably will do, but I haven’t done so far. I don’t want to heap too much pressure. Most of the players have played in critical games before, they have experiences of high level games. I just want them to perform like they have at times this season.

Boost for young players
The boost would be great for them, but the experience of an FA Cup final will be great for the young players anyway. It will be a great experience, but we want to win.

Olivier Giroud
It’s always firstly down to the player on form. I try to work with the group to make my message clear. You work on a lot of things with strikers, on and off the ball. Olivier has been fantastic listening to that, the credit goes to him.

Kepa or Caballero….
Difficult because we have competition in the squad. I have changed it at times, we consider the games as we go. I know how much players want to be in these games. People off the bench have made a huge difference in recent games.

Surprised by Arsenal in the semi-final?
I wasn’t surprised they won the game, City probably were favourites. But I knew they have the talent they have and the coach they have. Every game is different.

What would it mean to you?
I would be delighted to and if you get to a final you want to win it. It will be difficult, many a great manager haven’t won things, but now we are here I want to win it.

A different FA Cup final
It doesn’t affect preparations, we still want to win it. If you win it stays with it for life. Of course you want fans to be there, they have been great for us.

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