Why Frank Lampard should not resign as Chelsea’s coach

Chelsea’s manager Frank Lampard is facing a lot of criticism from the teaming supporters of the club and some of them have demanded that he resigned.

Recall that Lampard lost the FA cup to Arsenal and also lost scandalously to Bayern Munich that saw an end to Chelsea’s part in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, some people have thrown their weight behind the young coach asking him not to resign because they believed that he has done well for the team.

Besides, Lampard is creating a Chelsea side that can fight for next season’s Premier League title, claimed Ricardo Carvalho.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the Chelsea legend said: “Given he lost Eden Hazard, so far he’s done very well.

“He achieved a Champions League place for next season which of course is very important, and has brought in young, talented players.

“Frank is building a very good team and I expect next year he can fight for the title with those players, for sure.”

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