Why Lagos Assembly rejected Sanwo-Olu’s three nominees

The three cabinet-nominees not confirmed on Monday by the Lagos State House

of Assembly were victims of high-wired politics.

A party source said the Assembly could not resist the pressure to deny them clearance,

owing to the weight of allegations against them.

According to the source, the politics of confirmation overwhelmed the Assembly, adding that

“the matter was beyond the control of the lawmakers.”

“It is now evident that nominations and screening were not final. Post-screening hurdles may

arise from familiar and strange quarters,” he stressed.

The source who, sympathised with the dropped nominees, said the governor may still represent

them if they overcome their challenges.

Asked to shed light on what he described as high wired politics, he said: “I suspected that the

outcry against them arose from their people; from their constituencies where leaders and critical

stakeholders who cannot be ignored were kicking.

“I don’t think it was due to poor performance at the screening, although we heard that a particular

nominee did not measure up during the exercise and the House Committee that screened

them noted the non-display of competence.

“They were not confirmed because of the politics of preference and rejection.

“The influence of powerful people who didn’t want them dwarfed those of their supporters

in their respective constituencies.

“They did not play their cards well at home. It can happen because it is politics.”

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