Why Some Nigerian Women Shun Family Planning

Many more Nigerian women are shunning family planning and birth control methods

due to many reasons according to report by Sunrise News Nigeria.

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the World, it will also not be an insult to

say we don’t know our population figure.

Some people think Nigeria population is about 200 million, while many think otherwise.

Nigeria authority also believe that huge population is a burden on our scarce resources.

One of the reason our population is so high is because of lack of birth control. People give

birth to children they don’t planned for which bring hardship to the family concerened.

Sunrise News interviewed some women why they refused using family planning, they

responded thus:

  1. Side effect

This is one of dreaded part of not using birth control.

Many modern contraceptives contain hormones that can cause certain side effects in

some women.

Depending on the method being used, these may include breast tenderness, headaches,

weight gain,

lack of regular menstrual bleeding, nausea, and/or loss of bone density with continued use

over many years.

 2.  Permanent Infertility

Some women we spoke to said that they are afraid that the long use of this

planning can and will eventually lead to permanent infertility.

 3.  Mis-information and Hearsay

Many of the women we interviewed told us that the information they have about using family

planning are from friends and family members. So most of the information they have about

family planning is not and cannot be totally true, because they are not from medical practitioners.


     4. Lack of awareness

It’s amazing that some of these woman claim ignorance about how family planning works. They

according to their words, don’t have the idea that such birth control remedy can work.

     5. Religious belief

Religious belief is another reason Sunrise News gathered from the women. They said their

religion background and practice will not allow them to take up such planning.

    6. Oppositin by husband

“My husband is the big issue and road block to birth control, he doesn’t want to hear anything

about it” said one of the women.


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