Wike replies Uzodinma, says “APC does not mean well for Nigeria”

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has replied to the Imo State Governor,  Senator Hope Uzodinma for saying that those who want the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress ( APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole out of office are working with the PDP to destroy APC.

In replying Uzodinma, Wike said that APC does not mean well for Nigeria, claiming that they want to destroy to destroy the Judiciary.

The Governor said that what Uzodinma said was an unfortunate lie.

He declared and said, “I read that Senator Hope Uzodinma said that the PDP conspired to plot the attempted removal of APC National Chairman.  That is an unfortunate lie.

“It is unfortunate that Senator Hope Uzodinma will have the temerity to make that false allegation. Hope Uzodinma was an APC agent while he was in PDP. That was why APC used him as an agent to support Ali Modu Sheriff,  but they failed.

“It is unfortunate that people of questionable character are in Government.  Hope Uzodinma cannot talk about the attempted removal of APC National Chairman and mention the PDP. What is our business in the
attempted removal of Oshiomhole? ”

“APC does not mean well for Nigeria.  It is a party of strange bedfellows merely formed to take over power.

“If Senator Uzodinma dares to make such false comments again about the PDP , we will tell the world about him.

“That he fraudulently took the mandate  of PDP does not mean that PDP is weak. Hope Uzodinma lacks the capacity to discuss the PDP.”

“We must protect the Judiciary to do its work.  But the Judiciary should protect itself.  APC has destroyed the Judiciary,”

“The Judiciary should be very careful.  The Judiciary should be alert. It should not allow itself to be used. It should not allow itself to be destroyed.

“APC should not be allowed to destroy the Judiciary.  Judiciary was there before APC.  It was there before any political party.  I cannot see the Judiciary being destroyed and keep quiet.

“I am not interested in what happens in the APC. But I am concerned with the Judiciary and its survival. ”

He urged the Chief Justice of Nigeria to caution judges.

“With what the APC is doing today, we may not have the Judiciary and everyone will pay the price. The party is trying to destroy the hope of the common man,” he said.

Governor Wike regretted that the APC and her supporters attack the Judiciary when judgment is not in their favour.  He pointed out the attacks on Justice Mary Odili in the Bayelsa State Governorship matter. The Governor said that the recent order by the wife of the member of a House of Representatives wherein she reaffirmed the freedom of the Former Emir of Kano,  was hailed, even though she was the wife of a PDP member.

“I agree with the Former Lagos State Governor,  Senator Bola Tinubu that the crisis in APC is about 2023. Everyone wants to be President or Vice President.  This virus is indeed worse than coronavirus,” he said

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