Xenophobia: South African High Com. Blames African Governments

The South African High Commissioner to Ghana, Lulu Xingwana, has asked African
governments to create jobs for their citizens to discourage them from travelling to
South Africa for greener pastures.

Xingwana said this Wednesday in a reaction to the latest xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

The attacks have left five dead in riots in Johannesburg, where foreign-owned shops

were targeted on Monday, a recurrence of the 2015 attacks that left at least seven people killed.

“And this starts from poverty, all of our countries must create jobs and opportunities for

their people so that we don’t all flock to one country because the one country would not

be able to cope. If all of us were coming to Ghana, would you cope? Would you?”

she said on Starr Today on Starr FM.

“That’s why I say it’s crime, it’s poverty, in Ghana in South Africa, in Zimbabwe, in Nigeria

everywhere. And then people will leave these countries and any other country and think they

can find something in South Africa,” she added.

Xingwana said it was wrong for anyone to attribute the violence being recorded in South

Africa to hatred of other African nationals.

She said the attacks were not directed to foreign nationals and that it is a crime associated with poverty.

“We have a responsibility, all of us to create jobs and opportunities for our people and not

look at one country to do it,” she emphasized.

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