Xenophobia: South African Women weep As Nigerians Returned Home

The report reaching Sunrise News Nigeria from South Africa indicates that a lot of South

African women who are married to Nigerians were weeping uncontrollably as their husbands

and children are travelling to their home country.

One of the women who doesn’t want her identity disclosed said that what happened to the

Nigerians living in South Africa was not fair. She blamed her people for attacking foreign nationals

and thereby separating them from their husbands and children.

Meanwhile, out of the 320 people already prepared by Nigerian High Commission in Johannesburg

only 182 made it to Nigeria as the others were sent back by South African Immigration officials.

The report also said that many Nigerians who wanted to travel back were arrested by South African

officials for not having valid documents, they said that they entered their country illegally.

One of the officials of Nigerian High Commission said that “South Africa is frustrating Nigeria.

The Air Peace aircraft has been there since 4:00 am. Their Immigration started giving our High

Commission problems. They said some Nigerians didn’t have papers. Immigration is arresting them,

asking them to explain how they came to South Africa.

“About five minutes ago only 182 Nigerians were allowed to board the flight; the rest are being

barred by South Africa Immigration. They are frustrating the Nigerian High Commission, taking

the passengers away. They want to frustrate the airline and the Nigerian government. The aircraft

has on, burning fuel since 4:00 am. They are not happy that Nigeria is evacuating its citizens.

They don’t want the world to know that a Nigerian airline and Nigerian government is evacuating them.

“Our high Commission is having tough time with South African government. They are stopping and

arresting Nigerians, saying they should explain how they came into the country,”

Meanwhile, the people that made back to Nigeria were in high spirit as they prayed, sang songs of

praise with joy and enthusiasm sang the Nigeria National Anthem.

One of the returnees said that she was glad to be back home, haven lost all the goods in her shop.

“I’m glad to leave this stupid country”, she said.

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